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eFLEKTOR Founder Jason Rhoades holding the first production eFLEKTOR

From Founder, Jason Rhoades

In the last 10 years I've had two people close to me, diagnosed with "lesions" (medical term for any tissue that doesn't look right) in the brain. In both cases, their paths led to Dr. Keith Black, Chairman of Neurosurgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Having dealt with these for decades as a physician while staying at the forefront of modern treatment research, Dr. Black is among the very best on the planet in handling these things. And, much to his credit I believe, both of them are still with us.

Every patient wonders, "How did this happen to me?" In one of our visits with Dr. Black the question arose - could it be cellphones? The possibility had been in the news. "We don't know yet how safe they are in the long term." Don't you use a cellphone Dr. Black? "Yes, but always with a headset or on speakerphone."

The original iPhone launched in 2007

That was 2004, when cellphones were still mostly just phones, three years before the original iPhone launched. A lot has changed since - cellphones have exploded in capability, obsoleting an ever-growing lineup of single-purpose devices - maps, calculators, cameras, music and video players. They are more powerful than the fastest PCs of just a few years ago, and there's no telling what the future holds.

Cellphones are obsoleting single-purpose electronics

The phone's capabilty growth didn't stop at replacing portable electronics. For many, it has extended to eliminate the need for a traditional telephone line. 4G coverage can potentially provide faster Internet than a broadband cable modem. Within the house, the phone can function as a TV remote, a flashlight if you have to get up at night, and an alarm clock to wake you in the morning.

Woman awaking with cellphone

In 2004 your phone was mostly only transmitting when you were on a call. Today, your phone is transmitting much more often, as it syncs photos, checks for social media updates, downloads app updates, new messages, and more - even while you sleep! Based on our research, the power your phone emits during these activities can be just as strong as what comes out during a call.

The expanded usefulness has kept our phones closer to us, to the point most of us sleep with our phones at our bedside tables. As an IT professional, it sure did for me. I needed to be able to answer a call or respond to a text in the middle of the night if needed. Switching to airplane mode or putting the phone far away where I might not hear it wasn't an option.

Airplane mode disables your phone's radios

Even if it was an option, what if I didn't want to? Besides the usefulness of the alarm features, I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting it to be the last thing you look at before sleep, and the first thing in the morning.

Was having my phone next to my head all night, sending and receiving data, bad for me?

After years collecting everything we've provided in the Info Center, then designing the eFLEKTOR, the answer for me is

I don't know.

There are very intelligent, well-educated, and sensible people out there who would say "Absolutely not," others "Absolutely" and those for everything in between. I do know the world, especially America, loves progress - but history has shown that sometimes it takes us a little while to figure out we may have taken a misstep (radium clock dials, asbestos insulation, thalidomide for morning sickness). In the case of cellphones, we may be just fine, but I believe that science probably needs another 20-30 years to know for sure.

They need that time because biology is complicated. The interactions of brain cells and a cellphone's microwave radiation over decades, will take a long time to understand. In the meantime, we know what happens to a radio wave when it hits a big piece of metal. The interaction is much simpler - it bounces back.

My experiences with Dr. Black, combined with the trend I saw in smartphone advancement, led to creation of eFLEKTOR.
Its guiding principles were to be a simple, effective, and high quality device that everyone could afford.

This product is the first of what we hope will be a complete lineup of products meeting those same principles. There are plenty of scammers selling wares that at best, are questionable in their effectiveness. There really isn't much out there that actually works, and cleanly integrates into a normal lifestyle. Why start with a bedside or desktop product? We looked at how many people spend their day:

Most of us spend eight or more hours each day sleeping, and eight or more working. That's two-thirds of the day where we can get some insulation from our phones with one product. The rest of the day is much more dynamic, split up into many other activities where we might not be looking for the protection, or where it would need to be in a different form.
At eFLEKTOR we remain hard at work on new innovative products to extend the percentage of time people can experience the effective protection our products deliver.

Thank you for visiting eFLEKTOR.com. We hope you find our moderate approach to the subject of cellphones and health refreshing.

Legal Disclaimers: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. eFLEKTOR is not affiliated with or endorsed by Dr. Keith Black or his practice.

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